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Experiencing Vision Problems

If you are having vision problems then you should arrange to visit an eye care professional to assess your eye condition.

The best person to go and see is a Optometrist who is a graduate of optometry school with professional qualifications from the College of Optometrist and also is registered with the General Optical Council.

Low Vision Specialist:

Some optometrists and ophthalmologists specialise in low vision rehabilitation, which includes evaluating remaining vision, prescribing devices, recommending resources, and referring for specialised rehabilitation training.

Preparing for Your Visit

Ask your optician if you can bring a tape or digital recorder to help you remember information. Bring a friend or family member along to take notes, provide emotional support, and remind you about questions you want to ask.

Questions to Ask

1. What is my diagnosis, and what are the options for treatment?

2. What caused my condition, and are there foods, drugs, or activities I should avoid because of it?

3. If I have to take a medication, what should I do if I miss a dose or have a reaction?

4. What new symptoms should I watch for, and what should I do if they appear?

5. If my vision problem does not fully resolve, can you suggest a low vision specialist, services, devices, or resources to help me maintain my independence?

If you donít understand the answers to any of your questions, ask your eyecare professional to explain what he or she said in a different way.

For more information please come and visit us a one of our practices in Nottingham, Derby or Lincoln.