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How often do you need new glasses?

A question we often get asked by our customers is how often they should be replacing their glasses. Some people do for years at a time without considering changing their glasses, simply because they believe that they can still see perfectly with their old lenses. 

While you may not have noticed, your old eyeglasses could in fact be working against you, causing undue eyestrain, fatigue and even damage to your eyes. So how often should you replace your glasses, and why? 

Subtle Changes 

Though you may think you can see just fine with your current eyeglasses, if you are using an outdated prescription, you may be causing yourself undue eyestrain. Prescriptions change subtly over time, so while you may believe that you’re seeing everything perfectly, you are probably actually unconsciously straining your eyes. If you get frequent headaches, neck aches, or seem to be squinting often, you probably have to try too hard to focus your eyes, which means you need a new prescription. 

Damaged glasses

You may have done everything you could to prevent damage to your glasses, but it is possible that they still could be scratched or defective in some way. You may need a new pair made up if your glasses have any sign of wear and tear, especially on the lenses or on crucial moving parts. The older a pair of glasses is, the more likely it is to have some form of damage, so understand that if your glasses are many years old, we will probably going to recommend that you invest in a new pair. 

Listen to your Optometrist 

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but when it comes to what’s best for your eyes, us optometrists know what we’re doing. Your glasses should be replaced when your optometrist recommends that they should be – it’s as simple as that. 

This usually will occur in sync with your regular eye exam. We recommend, as a rule, that non-senior adults and children over age 6 should have regular eye exams a minimum of once every two years if they do not have risk factors for poor vision.

During your regular eye exam, you should always ask whether or not you need to replace your glasses with a new pair. Bring your old glasses with you so that your eye doctor can inspect them for flaws and durability. 

If you think it may be time for a new pair of glasses, call Optique Vision and book an appointment today. We are passionate about eye care and eye health, and will do all we can to keep you seeing clearly - 0115 9501499.