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Insertion & Removal

Before Inserting

1. Hands should be washed and thoroughly rinsed before handling lenses 

2. Soap which is free of oils, lotions or perfumes is recommended 

3. Hands should be dried with a lint-free towel

4. Use finger tips to handle lens (avoid finger nails and sharp objects)

5. Check lens is clean, wet and damage-free and the correct way around.

How to tell the right way around

1. Place the lens in the palm of your hand and curl your hand.
2. The lens will curl in on itself or cup if the correct way around.

3. The wrong way around the lens will resist curling up and spring back against your hand.

How To Insert Your Lenses

1. Place the wet, clean "right" lens on the tip of the index or middle finger of your dominant hand (if you're right-handed this would be your right hand), and pull down the lower lid with the middle or ring finger of the same hand. Use your other hand to hold the upper lid firmly open. 
2. Look directly at the lens or look directly into a mirror and place the lens directly on the cornea (the large colored circle in the center of your eye).
3. Keep hold of your eyelids and remove your insertion finger and the lens will remain on the eye. Whilst keeping hold of your eyelids still look to all four corners of the room twice. This will make the contact lens settle in the eye quicker.
4. Slowly release your hold on the lids. If there are any air bubbles beneath the lens, close your eye, and with the eye closed, roll the eye gently. Another way of getting rid of air bubbles is to massage the lids very lightly. Under no condition, however, should your rub your eyes.

Centering the lens

Occasionally a lens will become dislodged onto the white part of the eye. To centre the lens back onto the cornea:

Close your eyes and gently massage the lens into place.

Or with your eyes open, gently move the lens into place with your eyelid, using your finger as a guide.

Removing the lens

1. Look up. With middle finger, hold down lower lid.
2. Use forefinger to slide lens to lower part of eye.
3. Pinch lens with thumb and forefinger and remove without excessively folding the lens.


1. Hold eyelids in same postion as insertion.
2. Look towards nose.
3. Place thumb in temporal corner resting just on the white of the eye.
4. Place forefinger on the lens in the nasal corner of the eye.
5. Pull lens towards thumb and pinch lens off eye.