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Contact Lenses

As much as we love glasses here at Optique Vision, there are some people that donít quite share our adoration. Maybe you like playing sports regularly, or perhaps you just donít like the way glasses look on you Ė some people simply donít like wearing glasses. In fact we are sure that even if you love your glasses, there are probably times when you'd rather not wear them. This is where contact lenses come in!

Contact lenses provide spectacle wearers with an alternative in eyewear either all day every day, or on the odd occasion. Maybe itís when you head off on a night out and you want to show off your eyes, or when you're on holiday and you want to wear those brand new fashionable sunglasses. There are so many reasons people opt to wear contact lenses daily or have them as an occasional alternative to their glasses.

A key reason people do wear contact lenses is if they are a keen sportsperson. Giving all-round, clear vision, contacts irradiate the issue of having to decide whether to see properly of deal with you glasses falling off during sports! Contact lenses can even be a beauty accessory with various coloured lenses available!

If you have a complex prescription, you may have been told in the past that said contact lenses were not an option for you. The good news is that with advances in eyecare and lenses, even the most complex of prescriptions even can be corrected, so you may be able to have contacts after all!

Problems that people tend to associate with contacts such as dry eyes or high astigmatism are not always an obstacle now either, so please pop in and ask us about your concerns!

Here at Optique we have the highest quality contact lenses from the worldís largest, most professional suppliers to suit your individual needs. Please feel free to browse our website, give us a call, or come into one of our stores to talk about your options!