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Visual Dyslexia


Visual dyslexia can be described as a condition in which people have specific difficulties with reading and spelling. It is part of a spectrum of visual processing conditions that affect normal development.

A person with visual dyslexia may experience a range of symptoms from reading or writing problems through to major perceptual difficulties. They will frequently underachieve in academic work or in social environments, have low self esteem or even exhibit neurological symptoms.

Symptoms encountered include: -

  • Reversal or inversions of words and letters eg. p and d
  • Double vision
  • Letter or word vibration
  • Changes in shape and size of individual letters
  • Letter or word displacement

There is now considerable evidence that some people benefit from the use of coloured overlays when reading.These are sheets of coloured transparent plastic that are placed on the page. An eye examination is carried out first to assess the health of the eyes, determine if a prescription is required, and diagnose and treat any other conditions that may affect the eyes.

If our findings suggest that a person may benefit from colour, then we issue them with a coloured overlay to try. If this is still being used after one school term then a further appointment can be arranged for testing with the Intuitive Colorimeter. This enables the precise tint for glasses to be accurately determined. There is a separate charge for this further investigation.