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Childrens Eye Tests

Kids go free at Optique Vision

Did you know that 1 in 5 children have an undetected eye problem? All of which can be easily found by an Optometrist during an Eye Examination.

Good vision is so important to children, because so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes! So much so, that learning difficulties can sometimes be caused by uncorrected vision problems. The earlier they can be detected, the better the chance of correcting them. So it's never too soon to start your child's eye care.

Children will rarely complain about their sight, but often it can show in their behaviour that there may be a problem with their vision. Clues there may be an issue include sitting too close to the television, rubbing their eyes a lot, holding objects very close to the face, blinking more than often or one eye turning either in or out. If you think your child is experiencing any sort of sight problems donít panic. Just bring them in to an ophthalmic practitioner for a check-up as soon as possible.

Even if your child isnít displaying any short sightedness, the only way to be sure about your child's eyesight is to consult our qualified optician. We advise that children should have their first eye examination at around three years old. Your child doesn't have to be able to read to have an eye examination - there are several child-friendly tests which will be undertaken, after which the optician will discuss the results with you.

Children's eye examinations in the UK are paid for by the NHS and at Optique vision, the test is designed to be friendly and fun for kids of all ages.

If your child does need glasses, they are free too with an NHS voucher for under-16s - and we include even our most stylish children's designs. Children's glasses are specifically designed to fit small faces, be comfortable and survive the rough and tumble of a busy active young life.