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Your sight is one of the most precious gifts you have, which is why caring for your eyes is so important. There are many things that can affect your eyes and your eyesight Ė so your eye care isnít something you should take for granted!

When you have an eye examination it is not simply about getting some new glasses - it's also a vital health check. Just because your eyes arenít noticeably causing you pain, discomfort or bother, doesnít mean that you donít need to keep them checked. You should never put your eye care on the back burner.

Here at Optique vision we are very proud of our reputation for high quality eyecare. We enjoy providing a caring, personal and professional service - far removed from the assembly line world of the numerous optician chains.

Our personal attention and details service, combined with value for money, is what makes our customers come back time after time.

We like to provide as much eyecare information for our customers as possible, to ensure your eyes are kept as healthy as possible. As well as the detailed eye health section on our sight, we now have a company blog which will feature numerous articles about all sorts of eyecare tips. From common visual problems, to foods that will help to improve your eyesight, you will find plenty of information about caring for your eyes!